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#5. Tubing

I love the water, but the only water we spent time on growing up was the ocean. So tubing was a great new thing to put on my 101 list! I visited one of my very good friends in Atlanta for Memorial Day Weekend and we had a slew of plans…including floating down the Chattahoochee River.

We ended up with a group of about 12 people. It was a hot day but the water was still coooold. I opted for a bottom-float so my behind wouldn’t get numb in the water all afternoon. We got to the drop-off point, cooler float included, all strapped together and floated away. We did the 4 hour float, with a stop at the rope swing along the way (which I did not do….bad memories….). By the time our 4 hours were up we were definitely done with the sun and cold water. And other than losing my shorts…literally (I had them looped through the handle on the float and at some point they must have fallen off)….it was a great time. Now I just have to find on to float in Nashville…..

(Sorry, no pics to share, didn’t want to chance my camera getting wet!)

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#48. Pick Strawberries

I love fruit. And of all fruit, strawberries may just be my favorite. And call me crazy, but I love the idea of picking my own fruit – it’s fresh, delicious, and supports the local economy. So #48 on my 101 list, to pick strawberries, was a perfect thought.

This past weekend, 2 friends and I made an hour trek to Wartrace to Valley Home Farm. It’s an adorable white farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Just grab a basket, walk to the ripe rows listed for that day, and pick to your heart’s content. I’m not sure what I expected strawberry picking to be, but I really didn’t expect it to be like a treasure hunt! We dug through the leaves, searching for bright red, ripe berries, getting surprised every now and then with an overripe squishy one. It was fun!

And I of course had to buy some strawberry ice cream to go, which was also very delicious. I’ve eaten a handful of berries already and plan to make some strawberry bread before heading to Atlanta this weekend!

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#94. Steeplechase

Horses. Dresses. Hats. Mud.

That pretty much sums up the Iroquois Steeplechase. A yearly tradition for the Nashville well-to-do and the wanna-be well-to-do (and those who just want to have a good time).  Although it wasn’t necessarily everything I’d hoped it would be (mainly due to the off-and-on rain and cool temps), it was a good time. And not a bad way to cross off #94 on my 101 list!

Not much else to say other than enjoy some pics!