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Pfunky Griddle

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New restaurant 9 of 10 on my 101 list!! I love breakfast. Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day. If I could eat a huge breakfast every day, I would. Again, parents in town so have to try new things. I’d been hoarding a Groupon to the Pfunky Griddle, which may have the most unique dining concept ever: cooking your own breakfast. Yes, that’s right.

The restaurant is an old house with tons of character, filled with tile-top tables with a small griddle in the middle. Order your all-you-can-eat pancakes and choice of topping, let the griddle heat up, and flip away! You get 2 batters: unbleached white and organic 5 grain. The 5 grain is absolutely delicious, though my dad, ever the traditionalist, loved the white. Fun experience and good food!




I have 1 new restaurant left to complete my 10!! Nashvillian suggestions welcome! 🙂

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