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#58. Dinner by Candlelight

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Your initial thought to “dinner by candlelight” is probably romance, couple, date. But not always so. #58 on my 101 list was completed this weekend by accident. I was with my fellow staff members and our summer interns for an incredibly fun 2 days at the lake. We spent all afternoon in the sun, on the boat, on the dock, tubing, and having a great time. The family hosting us was so kind enough to cook dinner and it ran a little later than planned (which was fine after many much chips and queso to hold us).

We ate a lovely dinner, all together, on the screen-in porch on a beautiful night with candles on the table and glass jar candle lights above our heads. It was a nice winding down after a lot of sun and delicious food at that! In my opinion, a perfect dinner by candlelight!

(I took a couple pictures….can’t see people without the flash, but can’t see candles with the flash! So you get both!)


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