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101 Update

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A year ago, I finally finished this list. A list of 101 things to complete in 1001 days. It has definitely been fun and helped me to do things that I may not have done otherwise! With a year and a half (ish) to go, I’m looking forward to completing more – hopefully everything – off the list!


By the numbers

  • A year in, I have completed 30 items
  • That’s 29% of my list
  • I have done something in every category except 2
  • My most challenging completion so far was chaperoning a week-long mission trip (exhausting!!)
  • My most fun completion so far (though difficult to pick a top fun) was tubing on the Chattahoochee
  • My coolest (in my opinion) completion so far was going to 10 new restaurants in Nashville

Here’s to more items!!

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