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3 Birds, 1 Stone

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Tess, my parents, and I took a vacation this past weekend. A flat out vacation. To a brand new place: LAS VEGAS!!!!! It’s been a while. Naturally I wanted to be able to cross some things off my 101 list, so I made it a productive trip and crossed off 3:

  • #9 – half marathon other than Nashville
  • #32 – a new state – Nevada
  • #33 – Las Vegas

Neither Tess nor I had been to Vegas before, and Tess had never run a half before, so it was a trip full of firsts! We ran the strip at night, which was incredible. I expected it to be easier than Nashville since it is completely flat…..but I actually felt ten times worse after. I think it had a lot to do with the time difference and the fact that it was a night race, and we’re going to blame it on that. But I did finish in 2:16:25 – which is not too bad at all!!

We spent the next couple of days exploring alllll of Vegas. And I mean all. Old Vegas, new Vegas, all the hotels, different casinos, different games, different restaurants, a show, and even the Hoover Dam. We saw Criss Angel – maybe not the best show I’ve ever seen but it was pretty incredible – he made a lot of things and people disappear and sawed a girl in half. Run-of-the-mill magic. 🙂 And the Hoover Dam was just an amazing wonder to see.

The trip was great, and I might go back with a group of friends as long as it is warm (not freezing like it was the whole time)! Viva Las Vegas!!

Half Marathon success!!

MGM with Mom and Dad!

Wonder of wonders Hoover Dam

Best show of all - Fountain at the Bellagio

One thought on “3 Birds, 1 Stone

  1. Congrats on the Half!!

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