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#2. Camping

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Yes, I am 26 years old and have never been camping. Actually, that’s not completely true – I think my parents took me when I was a baby or toddler…..I don’t remember, so it doesn’t count. I love being outdoors but camping is the ultimate test to being “outdoorsy.” And in my personal opinion, this one blew all my other completed 101 items out of the water.

This year’s spring break trip took us to the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona. We camped all week in a little town called Globe and worked on building some houses. Pretty simple, right? It seems like it is until you throw in some major weather curve balls. There are typically hot days and cold nights on this trip. But our week was nuts. Oh, and did I mention we did this with 42 high schoolers?! 🙂

To make a long story short – we began in Phoenix with 80 degrees and sun, drove to Globe in the rain, which eventually turned to snow, put up our tents in the wind and falling snow (and freeeeezing temperatures), slept in our tents while it snowed 3-5 inches. We slept the next night in a local church due to record low temperatures. The work days went from hail and cool temps the first day to full-out sunshine and 75 degrees on the last day. What an adventure.

Although I get VERY cold VERY easily, and was numb parts of the week, it was a great week getting to know some pretty awesome high schoolers. It was definitely the most extreme of camping conditions I could have experienced for my first time, but it was fun. I was glad to have a decent sleeping pad and a (mostly) warm sleeping bag. I’d definitely go camping more, but mayyyybe not if the temps are gonna drop it down low.

our camp site (end of the week)

snow morning

our work site!


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