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Fried Chicken, BBQ, and Crab Cakes

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It was a beautiful Easter weekend in middle Tennessee – though slightly cooler than it has been the past couple of weeks. My parents hopped up from Atlanta for the holiday weekend – my first Easter with family in maybe 7 years!

When my parents come to visit I try to find new things to do – most of which is trying new restaurants. And even though I’ve been here 7 years, there are still plenty of news ones that even I have not made it to! They got in Friday night and we just grabbed a quick dinner at our favorite local Mexican restaurant – Las Palmas. I frequent there but have never taken them there!

Saturday was our big day, and every big day needs a big meal to start out. And I’m not sure anyone does big meal better than Monell’s. None of us had ever been though it’s been on my list forever. Imagine all-you-can-eat family-style southern cooking. Now whatever you are thinking, multiply by 3. Yep, that much food. Biscuits, cinnamon rolls, cheese grits, potatoes, corn pudding, fried apples, eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, ham, fried chicken [they are known for their fried chicken and serve it at every meal]. I think that was everything?? Definitely a place to add to your list in Nashville (and 9am on a Saturday was a perfect time to go)!

We continued the food tour that night at Edley’s BBQ. My dad’s favorite food is BBQ and Edley’s a new place not far from our house in 12th South. Order at the counter – all I’ve had is the pulled pork platter but it’s all I need. Add 2 sides – they’re all good. Comes with a hunk cornbread – arguably the best cornbread I’ve had. Oh, and we had fried pickles because my daddy and I are obsessed with friend pickles. And they’re amazing there. All the food has it’s own unique flavor and it was a great addition to the 12th South family.

We rounded out the foodie weekend with Easter brunch at Mad Donnas in East Nashville. No special menu. No $40 a person brunch buffet. Just the normal fantastic brunch menu and 2-for-1 mimosas in various flavors. I’ve taken them there before, but it’s an easy Sunday brunch and I’ve never had to wait for a table (even on Easter). I did have something new though – the Crab Cakes Benedict – and it was amazing. Sooo good. Don’t know if it will replace my normal Fancy Ham Sammich but it was definitely worth getting. Mad Donnas is by far my favorite brunch in the city!

So the food was enough to make the weekend fantastic, but there was so much more also! I’ll share again tomorrow – no need to have a 45 minute read in one posting! 🙂

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