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The Hermitage

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Continuing my quest to find new things to do when my parents are in town, we ended up at The Hermitage – the home of 7th President Andrew Jackson. I am definitely a nerd when it comes to history. I’m not s history buff by any means, but it fascinates me. Most of our family trips (other than beach trips) included visits to historical sites. And I loved it (or at least I remember loving it….maybe my mother remembers differently??).

The Hermitage was fantastic. It was a perfect day to visit, as most of the tour is outside. The house was incredible and the gardens were breath-taking. And yes, I did actually listen to the audio segments explaining everything. I think if I could live for a short time in any era it would have been in times of large dresses, dinner parties, and carriages.We couldn’t take pictures inside, but the tour was great and very informational.

Here are some pics from the day! I also learned that it is the 4th most visited presidential home (behind the White House, Monticello, and Mount Vernon). If you haven’t visited I would definitely recommend it!

The Hermitage (sorry the trees are so grown in - no good view of the front)

Front door


The Jackson's tomb and memorial


mom and dad in the gardens



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