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#100. Zoo

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We traveled a lot when I was growing up – it was one of the benefits of having a mom who worked in a school and had a similar schedule to ours! Every trip was different and awesome – except for one thing. In every place we visited, we would go to the zoo! I love animals and I love going to the zoo.

So it was strange, that after 7 years in Nashville I have not been to the Nashville Zoo! It was an obvious addition to my 101 list (which I have about a year to finish). It was a gorgeous spring day and 5 of us headed to Grassmere – which actually does not bode well to avoid the throngs of families and kiddos – but they’re cute and entertaining to watch at the exhibits haha. Yes, the kids are as entertaining as the animals. The zoo is fairly small and not the best I’ve visited (especially after growing up in Atlanta), but they had some really cool animals! Definitely glad to make a visit!

Shelbie and I and some zebras

what should we see next?



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