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#22. Dinner Party

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The exact definition of a “dinner party” can vary depending on your opinion. My original thought was something fancy and involved. But I realized that although that would be fun, it is not really my style. So my dinner party (found on my 101 list) happened last week. I invited over the ladies who make up the past, present, and future youth staff where I work. I think they have been the most influential women in my life here in Nashville. We range in age from 1-year out of college to having grown children. And I could never ask for better coworkers and mentors.

Since one is leaving at the end of June (right after the crazy weeks of trips), and I myself am leaving at the end of the summer, it was only right for us to have an evening together to celebrate each other and have fun. I love hosting things and cooking for other people, so it was easy. I served

  • Spanakopita appetizer
  • Baked Chicken (marinated in tequila lime marinade from Kroger – delicious)
  • Orzo with Parmesan and Basil
  • Salad (actually made by one of my guests – she makes THE best salads)
  • Wine (obviously)
  • Peanut Butter Pie dessert

We had a wonderful time catching up on each others’ lives, sharing stories, and just having fun together. I will seriously miss every single one of these women when I move.

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