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#72. Fishing

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My brother and I grew up fishing on the small lake at my grandmother’s house in south Georgia. Since she past away 12 years ago, I don’t think I have set a finger on a fishing pole. Although I was impatient, wiggly, and loud – I remember enjoying catching some fish and helping Grandmama clean them to cook and have some delicious fresh fish. So going fishing with my brother was one 101 item that I really looked forward to.

His wife’s parents have a boat and frequent the Gulf to go fishing, so they invited me down Memorial Day weekend. I bought a 7-day Alabama fishing license and made the drive on a Friday. Saturday we (and I mean my brother and his father-in-law) got everything ready. We headed out a little later than planned and it was already hot. We trolled a bit not too far from shore and I brought in a Spanish Mackerel and a Bonita. Can’t eat Bonita but it’s good for bait. I didn’t feel too well after a couple hours and we were all really hot, so we headed back in.

Sunday we went out on my sister-in-law’s uncle’s boat early. It was a little easier ride, but I took a Dramamine just in case. We were out all day – 7:30am until about 4:30pm. We made numerous stops in places the men thought looked good. Basically they handed me the pole if something bit haha. We ended up with 6 Mahi Mahi and a King Mackerel that we could keep. They threw a Red Snapper back (not in season for another week) and struggle to get rid of a barracuda that almost made it on board. Despite the heat (it’s the ocean after all) it was such a fun weekend. Can’t wait to do it again 🙂

Sunset on Friday night

my brother

my small King Mackerel

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