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#1. Tomatoes

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I love tomatoes – especially home grown tomatoes. So an obvious 101 list item needed to be to grow my own. Last summer, my mom helped me plant a small bed at the end of the house with two tomato plants and a green pepper. Unfortunately it was not very successful. There was not enough sunlight and the bunnies kept snagging my veggies! I got two tiny tomatoes early in the summer – then zilch the rest of the summer. Not 100% successful in my opinion.

my only 2 little ‘maters last summer

So I tried again this summer – only on a smaller scale. I potted just one grape tomato plant and put it next to the back steps.

Lots of sunlight, pretty consistent watering, and the plant shot right up! I’ve gotten multiple handfuls of little tomatoes! And they are delicious :)I’m calling it a success!



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