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#45. Friends

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148 days and 236 episodes later, I have finally finished watching Friends in order from start to finish – crossing off #45 on my 101 list. I’m pretty sure this was the longest-lasting item on the list.  I had seen most of the episodes in no particular order – though I surprisingly did come across a few that I had not seen. It seriously, though, is a fabulous show and it is sad that it ended!! Every episode is funny and laugh-out-loud. There are also some great cameos. Thanks so much to Holly (our own little Monica) for letting me borrow every season and let me take them to 3 different – and trusting me to return them all 🙂

GREAT item to put on the list and I recommend them whether you’ve seen them all or not. Heck….I may end up buying all the seasons for myself…..


One thought on “#45. Friends

  1. You should look at the Target ads for the day after Thanksgiving sales…that’s how I got all of my seasons! Love Friends.

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