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Guilty Pleasure

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We all have guilty pleasures. I would venture to say most people have more than one guilty pleasure.  My current guilty pleasure is the new T. Swift CD Red. I know it may upset a lot of teenage girls, and maybe some older girls, but I do not think T. Swift is God’s gift to country music. Or pop music. Or any music. But as much as I try to resist tapping my foot, her music is catchy. I heard a review that her new album was more grown up, and I laughed out loud, but to tell the truth, some songs are. However, if I were a mom I would not want to explain to my pre-teen daughter what an affair is (…on the chance she didn’t know already since kids know everything these days….).

Long post short, and to stop sounding like I’m 50 years old, the album is still catchy and somehow many of the songs somehow are being sung about my life. Haha. Guilty pleasure. Give in and don’t feel guilty.

What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

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