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I know I had a music-related post on Friday, but there are so many exciting things to write about in my life currently…….

I’m kind of loving my “now” playlist right now. It does everything with me – driving, doing work, chilling, running. These are the albums that are top on that list right now and just make me feel good.

Mumford & Sons : Babel   Toe-tapping, feel-good tunes. They’re just awesome. Period. Keeping an eye out for tour release dates. Favorite song: impossible to pick one.






Erin McCarley : My Stadium Electric This chic rocks. The music is fun and I love her voice. Favorite song: There’s No Holding You Down







The Lumineers : [self-titled]  Love their sound and lyrics. Favorite song: Big Parade







Grace Potter & the Nocturnals : This chic really rocks. All her albums are amazing. And she is one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. My favorite album is still the 2007 This Is Somewhere. I thought I was going crazy when they re-released a hit on a later album and slightly changed the lyrics, but I like the original best. Favorite song on that album: Stop the Bus





Taylor Swift : Red I know. Guilty pleasure. I already explained on Friday.







The Civil WarsBarton Hollow  I don’t think I will ever get tired of this album. Every song is unique and beautiful. Favorite song: Dance Me To The End of Love







There are many more albums on this particular playlist, these are my favs and the ones that don’t rotate off quite as fast as some others. If you don’t know some of these artists and/or albums I definitely recommend checking them out!

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