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I am not one to go on political rants. I honestly am not one to even have long political conversations. Although I feel that I am a fairly informed voter, I don’t spend all my free time following political blogs and bills being written. So for me to want to write about something politically-related in my blog is kind of a big deal.

Yesterday, I read this article, have watched and listened to numerous reports on the topic in the past day or so.  I think this is absurd. Do people honestly believe this will happen?! First of all, Georgia is obviously governed so soundly that it could do it on it’s own [right……]. Second, we should feel lucky to have a vote at all and to live a country where we can speak freely. Now before you fly off the handle, I understand that the voting system is not perfect. I understand that not all voices are always heard. But there is not civil unrest in our country. There is not war. And as much as some want to argue it, Obama is not a tyrannical, communist leader. I understand that things in our country could be a lot better. But they could also be a lot worse.

I dream of a day when, although there are political parties, the government can all work together for the betterment of the US as a whole. I don’t care who you personally voted for, the President is the President and deserves the respect of a President.  He can push his agenda all he wants but it comes down to the government as a whole making decisions. At the same time, if all decisions are just put off and nothing is ever voted into action, things will never improve and may get worse.

So there’s my political tirade for what it’s worth. I honestly don’t want to hear your opinion about specific leaders or bills or plans. My point is the government should put on their big girl pants and big boy pants and run the country like a big kid. We all learned to share in Kindergarten for a reason.

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