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Holiday Tunes Analysis


I love Christmas music. Though I refuse to turn it on before Thanksgiving, it plays nonstop from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas Day (including while running).  I noticed in my car the other day that there were some songs that came up a lot – obviously each a different artist. And since I’m now done with school for 5 weeks and there is a little nerd hidden within me, I’m going to do a little analysis on my Christmas tunes.

Most Versions of a Song

  • The Christmas Song – 8 versions – favorite cover by Ray Charles
  • I’ll Be Home for Christmas – 8 versions – favorite cover by Holly Conlan
  • Blue Christmas – 6 versions – favorite cover by Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors
  • Silent Night – 6 versions – favorite covers by Josh Groban and Sarah McLachlan (couldn’t pick one)
  • Sleigh Ride – 6 versions – favorite cover by Boston Pops (though the Fun. cover is a great modern cover)


2a41dcaePersonal Favorite Song: Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Favorite cover by She & Him (they reverse the roles!! awesome.)





51NAY7KuxOL._SS400_Favorite Compilation Album:  The Hotel Cafe Presents…Winter Songs





nsync-home-for-christmasAlbum that Should Be Embarrassing But I Will Always Love It: N’Sync’s Home for Christmas (that take ‘ya back??)





475457Favorite Original Christmas Song: Mary and Joseph by Dave Barnes





This was a simple analysis and although there were many weaknesses to my methods, the main finding remains that I love Christmas music, new and old. The classics are always great, but I may be slightly biased towards modern artists putting twists on the classics. I can only hope that everyone enjoys theirs holiday tunes as much as I do.

Happy Holidays!!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Tunes Analysis

  1. I love all of this! Yay Christmas music!

  2. i would like to submit “i pray on christmas” by Harry Con nick Jr. to the review committee for the categories of Best Original Christmas Song and Best Album. Also, been digging on that Fun version of sleigh ride.

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