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#61. Cooking Class

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I am very relieved to finally cross off another item from my 101 list. It’s pretty much come to a halt between moving and being in school again. It’s definitely going to take some work in the next few months to get as many done as I can before my 1001 days is up!!

I love cooking and baking. I’d say I’m better at baking just because I’m not good at altering and experimenting with recipes for cooking. Baking is an exact science so there’s really no tweaking.  When I moved to Atlanta, I quickly changed all my daily deal emails to the new city and even added some more. I was excited when one popped up for a cooking class – not only because it was on my 101 list, but because I’ve really wanted to take a cooking class!! So last night, my mom and I made our way over to the Irwin Street Market to The Cooking School for a holiday soups class.

This was the perfect class because my mom and I both LOVE soup and make a lot of it in the winter.  Although it wasn’t an all do-it-yourself class, we learned a lot. We all helped Chef Jake chop, clean, open, stir, caramelize, and puree. And we ended up with 3 delicious soups: Pumpkin, Buttercup Squash, and Peanut. We were able to have a little of each and decide which one we wanted to take home. My favorite was the squash and I can’t wait to make it myself!!

I would totally recommend The Cooking School (oh, and classes are BYOB) and will hopefully go back again for a different class!

the kitchen

the kitchen


mom and I

mom and I








One thought on “#61. Cooking Class

  1. I think you can officially be our soup expert for NYE.

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