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#74. Pottery

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I either forgot this was on my 101 list or just forgot to post about it! Oops! For my mom’s birthday back in January, we and her friend went to That Pottery Place. It was a weeknight and we had the place to ourselves! The girl working was very helpful and endured our many questions and some perfectionist tendencies.  Although I was proud of myself as I am nearly as perfectionist as I used to be when these pottery places first were popular. I chose to paint a square plate and mom chose a little heart dish to paint for Valentine’s decor.

We finished painting right as the owner told us they were closing and went back a few days later to pick up our fired pottery. Mom’s heart dish looked awesome and I really liked my plate! Now, to just to have a place to host something so I can use it for entertaining. 🙂

Mom and Lynda painting away

Mom and Lynda painting away


Mommy and me :)

Mommy and me 🙂


Final products!

Final products!





One thought on “#74. Pottery

  1. How fun! The plate and bowl both look awesome.

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