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#71. Movies

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I love going to the movies. The cost of them makes it a rare occurrence, but being 27 years old and single, I figured I should start to be more comfortable doing things by myself. So going to the movies by myself easily made it onto my 101 list. Right now I am working 3/4 time (soon to be full time – yay!), so work 4 full days a week and take Fridays off. So what a better day than a Friday, when all my friends were working, to go see a movie that my retired parents had already seen – Argo. It was spectacular. I did not know details of the actual event since it happened before I was born, so I had no expectations (other than I had heard nothing but good about the movie) and did not know how it ended. I know a movie is good if my heart is racing and I am nervous. It definitely deserved the Oscar for Best Film that it won. I highly recommend everyone see it. [And going to the movies by myself was fun!]


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