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Great Expectations

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Continuing my reading of classics that I never read for my 101 list. There are a number of books that we weren’t forced to read in school and that I feel I missed out on reading. There are just some good classics! I had a 6 hour drive a couple weeks ago so I started the Great Expectations (Charles Dickens) audiobook, and luckily I’m in the car at least 2 hours a day commuting meaning plenty of time to keep listening every day!

I love listening to books, but especially with a classic, it can be easy to zone out and miss something. This story does have some slow parts  but overall I really enjoyed the story. It has love, mystery, criminals, drama; you love some characters and hate some characters; it’s easy to get emotionally involved. I do wonder how differently a book reads in book form rather than audio form – but I guess there’s no way to test that – there’s only one first reading of a book – one first reaction. Even if it’s been years since you read it, you’ll still remember bits and pieces.

Anyway – I enjoyed Great Expectations and will consider it a great classic.

[Side note: This is my 300th blog post! Woot!]


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