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Drowsy Chaperone


It’s not often that I see a show that I know nothing about – though my roomie and musical theater friends in Nashville always introduced me to new ones – but I do usually enjoy seeing brand new shows. Mom and I went to the Aurora Theater to see The Drowsy Chaperone. I may have seen a few numbers from this show (OC members – did y’all do this one season??) but really had no recollection of the plot or tunes.

But it was fantastic. Very entertaining and funny. And the performers were great also (as it is the only professional theater in our county). And although the Fox Theater is grand, shows in smaller venues are just more personal. If you’re in Atlanta, I’d highly recommend Aurora. And if you’re into musical theater even the slightest bit, I’d recommend The Drowsy Chaperone.

#42 complete on the 101 list!

Drowsy Chaperone

2 thoughts on “Drowsy Chaperone

  1. Backes was Mrs. Tottendale and I was the Underling in Spring ’07. What a great show!

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