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Message Me…Or Maybe Not


I don’t hide the fact that I do online dating. I’m putting myself out there and at the very least it results in entertaining stories. Today I’ll share some entertaining messages I’ve received. Unfortunately, the site deletes messages after a certain time so I had some great ones that I couldn’t see anymore. I in no way consider my self an expert on dating (online or otherwise) – these are just my personal opinions and how I decide to conduct myself online.

To the guys: I’m fairly picky on these sites so don’t tear apart my critiques, but in this day and age you have to be careful. These are messages that did not receive a response from me and I’ll explain why….


If you’re going to copy and paste a message to every girl you message, don’t forget to change the name…..



Not everyone will agree with this one, but give me something to respond to. And I’m not online looking for cat calls.





Sadly, this is a higher match percentage than most guys who message me, but call me picky, I prefer guys who can speak in actual sentences.



Call me a prude, but I don’t give my phone number to someone who I’ve never said a single word to and whose name I don’t know and who doesn’t even ask for my name.



I mean, what more could a gal ask for??



This is just weird….and a little creepy….I understand the reference, but this is not the place.



And lastly, sorry guys, but I just don’t reply to every message. Even if it’s kind of normal (??maybe??), take a hint if a girl doesn’t reply.


5 thoughts on “Message Me…Or Maybe Not

  1. OMG I LOVE that you put these up here. Wonderful. There are some real winners out there. šŸ™‚

  2. Oh the joys of online dating!! Thanks for posting, it made for a great laugh! If nothing else, like you said, it gives you some good stories/something to laugh about!

  3. I love this. Please make this a serial post.

  4. This is great, and I can absolutely relate to this! Check out this one from a guy in the Ukraine…

    “Do you have a job? Because I want to find a girl who can support me while I sit on my ass and play video games.

    Just kidding:)
    Hi!My name is Roman and I’m from Ukraine.Ukrainians are very family oriented nation and so am I. Moreover I’m caring and trustworthy guy. I’m opinionated and fairly interested in politics and current events.
    So if don’t easily get scared by a crappy Russian spy accent please drop me a line:)”

    Now that’s compelling. Good luck girl!!

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