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Kind of an odd item – for me – on my 30 Before 30 list was to go to 5 Atlanta bars I have not been to. When I moved back to Atlanta, I was past my “party phase” (though when I was in that phase it was much more tame than a lot of people). I just don’t go out much anymore and when we do go out, it’s typically in some chill bars in the Highlands.

So when people talk about Buckhead bars – the “party” bars – I could honestly say I had never been. To any of them. Well, there was one happy hour one time on, like, a Wednesday night. But anyway – believe it or not, I do enjoy a good dance party every now and then. So when some friends wanted to go out recently I was had the sudden urge to dance. We made our way to The Ivy where a friend – the best DJ in Atlanta – was working that night. It’s a nice bar (and huge) and wasn’t too crowded then due to the cold. We made our own little dance party before heading over to Johnny’s Hideaway, which I had heard many things about since moving here. The dance party continued but with much different music – throw back [not Thursday] and complete with disco ball. It’s definitely an experience.

If you’re in the mood for dancing, I’d recommend both. Neither are places I’ll frequent, but at least I can say I went and I had a good time.

ivy  logo_johnnys-hideaway1


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