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Message Me…Part 2


This post is brought to you by another online dating site. And this one spans a couple years and two cities (not a continuous active account….just to clarify).


Thank you, multiple guys, for the instructions, but I’m pretty confident in my ability to reply to a message and make my way around a website. [side note – this first one is the second message from this guy…I obviously did not reply to the first.]




Now, I know I said to give me more than a “hi” to reply to, but you’ve gotta leave something to be said in future conversations also. Oh and, sorry, connection-dropping isn’t all that impressive if I’ve never met you.



The message is fine. But the location is not. And take a moment to read to beginning of his profile in blue.



Nice…profile? Nice…smile? Nice….what?!?



You, sir, are apparently a caveman.



These need no commentary. Everything about this. You, sir, are 27 years old. And no – I didn’t accidentally insert the same image twice – he accidentally copied and pasted the same message to me two days in a row. Sorry (I’m not sorry) for not blurring the username but it’s too good.




And my personal favorite. A poem (kind of?). Written just for me.


I’ll do these posts as much as I can. If anyone has some to contribute, feel free to screenshot them to me – I’ll edit them down! I have to be honest in case anyone is on the fence about online dating – there really are just as many (if not more) normal messages than awful ones. These keep things entertaining.

If you missed the first rendition: Message Me, Part Uno

2 thoughts on “Message Me…Part 2

  1. Can I just say that I LOVE that you are posting these? They are toooo funny!! I wish I still had some of my old ones you could post. I actually remember the dragonz guy…!

  2. LOL Oh men… what are you thinking? I always appreciate a long(ish), well thought out email, but if you’re being creepy, bossy or arrogant, the length only hurts you, not helps. These were too funny. Thanks for posting! 🙂

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