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Walk Off The Earth

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Some friends and I went to a concert to see Parachute (who I love)!! But they were opening for Walk Off The Earth. I knew one of their songs that I had heard on the radio, so I pulled up some of their stuff before the concert. I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t too impressed. Their songs seemed scattered, like they couldn’t really decide on a genre. But boy was I wrong. Their concert was quite the show – we’re talking confetti cannons, smoke, throwing instruments, choreographed numbers, and an electric toothbrush as an instrument. Well, really the whole show was intricately choreographed. I guess because I wasn’t expecting that and am not used to that in a show (especially a smaller venue) I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could. But I did enjoy the show and as I’ve listened to their music more, I love them more and more. They only have one unique album – the rest are covers. But they are talented and entertaining. If you can see them live, I recommend it.

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