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Atlanta has the largest Vanderbilt Alumni Chapter outside of Nashville. I’ve gradually gotten more involved since moving back to Atlanta and I enjoy planning fun events (hence the item on my 30 Before 30 list). Atlanta has so many fun events, there are plenty I have still not been to, and the Martinis & IMAX event at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History was one of those events.

I went to Fernbank growing up and I think events as such venues are always a great idea. Believe it or not, Fernbank started this event in 1996 – long before I was old enough to drink. It has evolved and now appears to be, after attending last week, one the hottest tickets on Friday nights in Atlanta! It was also salsa night, which is once a month, and definitely helped with the turnout.

You don’t have to attend one of the IMAX films, but I wanted to see one – most of the films they show are very interesting. We saw Jerusalem – showing the city from the religions point of view – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Three young girls tell their story of growing up in the city considered holy to all three religions. It was very interesting and presented many facts about the city that I did not know. I also have personal interest since my mom is traveling to Jerusalem in a couple weeks (I’m so jealous).

Anyway – the event was SO much fun – there was a fun crowd, the drinks were delicious, and the dancing looked fun (though we did not have much time to participate due to the film viewing). I will definitely be going back another month on salsa night.

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