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Surprise, surprise – guess what I gave up this year? I know it’s kind of lame to give up the same thing, every single year (really, this is going on at 5 years I think), but it really is significant to me every year. Sweets. I probably have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know. I actually have a second stomach for sweets – it doesn’t matter how full I am, I can still stomach something sweet. And I’m not really picky – there are favorites, definitely, but anything will really do – ice cream, candy, chocolate, brownies, cookies……

And it’s not healthy. I’m no nutritionist, but I’m pretty sure it’s not healthy to eat sweets every day. And I’m pretty much in the regular habit of eating sweets regularly. Some days, it may just be a couple jolly ranchers from the candy jar at work. But no matter the daily amount, the habit is bad. And it doesn’t help that I love to bake.

So I give it all up every year for Lent. One week in and I’m still having cravings. It fades pretty quickly, but it does seem a little more difficult then I remember it being in the past (though I would not rely on my memory to heavily) – frequent cravings and sweets around me. But that is the whole point of Lent, is it not?  To deny ourselves something that is difficult to give up – to break bad habits. Though we will never fully understand what Jesus lost for us – his earthly life – I believe it is a good practice every year, even if it is the same thing every year. For me, it is a different experience every year. The rest of my life, other things I struggle with, change and that affects my experience every year. Especially when sweets are typically what I use to cope with the things life brings (also not healthy).

So for everyone practicing Lent, happy denying!

One thought on “Lent

  1. Cheese is my go to give up every year! I usually fail somewhere near the end…working hard to change that pattern this year!

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