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Message Me…Part 3

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Some more gems from the world of online dating. Guys, feel free to take notes (at least if you want to date someone like me. some girls, it may work for).


Guys, this is the WORST question you can ever ask a girl. Even for someone like me, who is really comfortable with being single, it’s just awkward to answer.



I don;t think my momma wants to meet you, sorry. Especially when you sent this same exact message to my friend…on a different site.



I love being compared to an animal! And you called me a perv…in your first message to me…



Interesting creative route.






Note the age [top left corner in front of the city]. Sorry guy, I’m not THAT open minded but your confidence is incredible.



First, you live in another state. Second, why are you sending two one-word messages within 5 minutes? Third, what is your picture?!?


And if you missed the first two: Message Me, Part 1  .  Message Me, Part 2

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