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Sunday Dinner

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This is leftovers edition! Last week I made my favorite crock pot taco chicken. I fed about 6 people and still had a ton left over. I’m not always a huge fan of leftovers, but this recipe is great because you can make so many different meals using the chicken.

So on this rainy Sunday, I flipped through my new favorite cookbook and found an easy chicken enchilada recipe. It called for plain cooked chicken so I think mine ended up being even better. And I added spinach since I had some to use.


my new favorite cookbook

There was some mixing,


some assembling,


some topping,


some baking and some more topping,


and bam. Dinner is served with rice and guacamole (the best mexican condiment).


Next time I’ll probably use a little more salsa topping before baking. But overall a delicious and very easy meal.

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