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#29. Surprise Party

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I love planning things – so I obviously joined the social committee at work quickly after starting my job last year (and yes, we have a social committee). I decided to head up the planning of our coworker’s baby shower – and it was a surprise. A completely successful surprise. Which crosses off #29 on my 30 before 30 list!

Put a group of creative and fun gals together, and you get some pretty awesome events. Obviously work events can’t be too extravagant, but I’d say this was a solid shower. Ice cream sundae bar, brightly colored decor (since no one knows the gender of the baby), a fun game, and great gifts. Even the lack of A/C in the office causing the ice cream to melt fast couldn’t put a damper on the fun. One coworker made onesie cupcakes (see photo below) that were adorable! Yay babies and working in a fun office!! And we’re so excited for baby Weaver to arrive – a little more than a month to go!

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