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Skinny Chicken Florentine

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I have completed my 10th new recipe for my 30 before 30 list – #28! This is a great recipe I found on Skinny Mom by way of Pinterest: Skinny Chicken Florentine. Seriously what did we do before Pinterest?! I know it’s risky to make a new recipe when cooking for others, but I tend to take that risk a lot – especially since it hasn’t gotten me in big trouble yet. My coworker recently had a baby, so this was an easy and delicious dish to throw together for her and the family – just grab some bread, a salad kit, and some ice cream sandwiches and there’s a full dinner!

Of course I totally forgot it was a new recipe until I was done so I only have an end picture. It was a chicken-spinach-cheesy deliciousness (I made extra so I could have some too of course)!



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