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Lands End

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2 hikes down – 2 to go (30 before 30)! I honestly just figured I’d do all my hikes in Georgia, or at least the southeast. But I was obviously not thinking out of the box.

Last weekend a friend and I made a visit to San Francisco. Another friend from college moved there about 6 months ago giving us the perfect excuse to head out west. San Fran in July is beautiful – blue skies, breeze off the water, and we brought some warmer weather with us from the east [actually everyone there kept talking about how hot is was….at 76 degrees]. 🙂

We wanted a hike and breathtaking views and we for sure found them. Lands End is at the northwest corner of San Fran – the edge of the continent (wrap your mind around that). Winding and hilly paths, every turn a beautiful view of the cliffs and the Golden Gate Bridge. If you’re in San Fran I highly recommend it.

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