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The Painted Pin

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#12 of my 30 list is complete! There are SO many bars in Atlanta. Seriously any kind of bar you could want. But this newest one is for sure my type of bar. The Painted Pin is boutique bowling/game bar. I love games, a little competition, and delicious food/drinks. If you want to bowl, get there early (we got there around 7:45pm and didn’t have to wait for a lane). You pay by the hour and it is full service – they set up your game, bring your shoes, and take your orders for food and drinks.

But you don’t have to bowl. All the other games are free and there are plenty of options. We bowled this time, but we also played bocce (one of my favs), skeeball, basketball, ping pong, and skittles (we had no idea what it was either). I think all we missed was darts and table shuffleboard.

We decided to check out the food too since we went early to bowl. We split the Pin Fries with pesto aioli and Prosciutto & Pineapple pizza. The fries were amazing as is, but the pesto aioli made them 5 times better.  The pizza was good too – nothing extraordinary but great to share. But the winner was the drink: Moscow Mule Slushie. Delicious is the only description it needs.

I highly recommend this place – I’ll definitely be there occasionally and maybe more since it’s very close!


One thought on “The Painted Pin

  1. My boyfriend and I was just saying the other day that there aren’t nice options for bowling in Atlanta! This is what we’ve been looking for. I can’t wait to check it out.

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