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A is for Alibi

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Catching up on posts – I wanted to get all my Greece posts done immediately after my trip! I finished this book right before my trip and it makes #19 of my 20 books (30 before 30 list).

That being said, it has been a while since I read it and my brain, when it comes to details in books and movies, is not the best. I had heard a lot Sue Grafton’s alphabet series so I thought I’d check it out. And obviously start with the first book: A is for Alibi.

It is a crime/mystery novel and the main character, Kinsey, is a private investigator. A convicted murderer hires Kinsey to re-investigate her case when she is released from prison. Kinsey investigates, gets into trouble along the way, and figures it out in the end. It was ok, and maybe the series gets better, but I thought it was a little boring and predictable. The timeframe makes it a little more interesting: a pre-cell phone era setting made me realize after watching and reading a lot of modern crime dramas  how much more difficult it must have been to investigate crimes without an immediate mode of communication.

If you need a quick read or just want to check out the series, definitely check it out! I may or may not be continuing the series.


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