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Game Night

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My family played a lot of games growing up and I still love games. Every holiday, when we are together, the nightly question is ‘what are we going to play?!’ Luckily I also have friends who love games, so I like to have a game night every now and then – though it doesn’t happen nearly often enough.

We had game night last weekend and it was, as always, lots of fun. A few treats, sangria, some games and good friends and you have a perfect evening (in my opinion, at least). Of course, the more people the fewer game options. But there are plenty for larger groups. Here are some of my favorites:

Catch Phrase: get your teammates to guess the word or phrase the game console gives you

Apples to Apples: the judge reads a green apple card and players play a card from their hand that matches best. the judge chooses which red card he/she likes as the best match.

Cards Against Humanity: the adult, much more inappropriate version of Apples to Apples

Scene It: play in teams to answer questions about movies, tv, and entertainment

Celebrity: each person writes 2-3 names of celebrities and/or well-known characters. Divide into two teams. Alternate one player from each team, drawing names from the bowl in 3 rounds. First round you can say whatever you want to describe the person/character. Second round you can only say one word. Third round is charades. But it’s the same people/characters each round!

Pictionary: get your team to guess the word by drawing it. Most entertaining when played with a white board.

Does your family play games? What are your favorites?

let the games begin!

let the games begin!

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