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This holiday season seems to be a little less hectic. Maybe it’s because my gifts were already bought (yes, hate me all you want) and wrapped over a week ago. Maybe it’s because I can take the train to work (thank goodness!) and don’t have to sit in the guaranteed worsening traffic this time of year, no matter what time of day. Maybe it’s because my calendar is literally set for the rest of year and is not super overwhelming. Or maybe it’s because I’m just super excited for Christmas morning with my 8-month old nephew and don’t care about anything happening before then (but not really). Whatever the reason, I’m really enjoying this holiday season.

At church on the first Sunday of Advent, they gave everyone a scratch-off advent calendar. It has a suggestion of something to do every day leading up to Christmas. One December 3 the suggestion was to ‘share your favorite Christmas memory.’ I’m just now getting around to it – but it’s a good practice anyway!

There are MANY great options for holiday memories and I could easily write a top 10 list of favorites (or 20). Although the very top is having my Grandmama there (not even any specific memories really, just having her there because she was a pretty amazing woman), I think Magic Mouse is definitely up there towards the top. As you know, Elf on the Shelf has been all the rage since its creation in 2005. And the elf is great – kids love it! But Magic Mouse was created long before the elf – well, at least before the elf was commercialized.

Although there was no elaborate story (that I remember) and no messes made – Magic Mouse moved around every night to a different location in the house.  I’m not even sure he was ‘watching’ us to make sure we were behaving, but every morning brought Christmas cheer in locating his new resting place. Magic Mouse simply meant Christmas and fun. I will not blame any parent or family for getting caught up in the Elf era, but it may be just as much fun to do your own thing! Get creative. Be fun. And most likely your kids will love every minute of it.

Magic Mouse!

Magic Mouse!

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