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Whole 30 Beginner Tips

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I’m only a few days into my first Whole 30 and I have already learned a lot. I thought I’d go ahead and share some initial thoughts and tips. These may change as I go along, but I’ll definitely update them if/when they do!

Prep, prep, prep. This is seriously the best thing you can do before beginning the whole 30. Read the website, join and read/search the forum on the website, talk to people you know who have done it before. I did not read the book as I am trying to save as much money as possible. I’m sure it’s very useful and informative, but I think it’s possible to do without. Start on a Monday so you can use the weekend to find/print recipes, make a grocery list and shop, rearrange your pantry/fridge, get rid of or move the foods you can’t have for the 30 days. And use your Sunday to go ahead and prep some food. I’ll share more details about my exact food prep later. The bottom line: having a plan and being prepared will make this easier and give you less reason to quit!

breakfast and lunch prep for the week

breakfast and lunch prep for the week

Start simple. In my opinion, keep your meals simple the first week to get a feel for what you should and should not have. This also, again, helps prevent you from getting frustrated and overwhelmed starting out. I have another excuse to start simple: my kitchen currently looks like this due to a water leak in my apartment:


Organic. One of the main tenants of the Whole 30 is that your food be organic, grass-fed, pastured, sustainable, etc. This can get very expensive and as I said earlier, I am in super saver mode. So I am not going this far. For meats, I am making sure to remove all the fat. Some veggies – spinach, kale, salad – I usually buy organic anyway. They also have a great list that tells you which fruits and veggies are best to buy organic and which ones don’t really matter.

Meats. It is impossible to find bacon and sausage without added sugar (which is the only kind that is Whole30 approved). I have easy access to health food markets and I still couldn’t find it. So I’m cheating a little in that respect, but am eating it in limited amounts – mainly to get some more protein in breakfast easily during the week other than just eggs. I am fully expecting to see similar results eating non-organic meats (and some with a tiny bit of sugar), veggies, and fruits. But I’ll let ‘ya know!

Accountability: this can come in many forms but is very important. Even if you don’t know someone doing it at the same as you, connect with someone who has done it before – whether that be a friend, coworker, or forum online. This way you will not feel alone and you’ll know that the things you’re feeling and ‘symptoms’ you’re experiencing are probably completely normal!

That’s all I have for now. I’ll give you an update of food/recipes and how I’m feeling at the end of week 1!

One thought on “Whole 30 Beginner Tips

  1. Awesome post! And you’re absolutely right… prepping is absolutely key for Whole30 success!

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