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I realize I was late to the Serial party, but there may still be some people living under a larger rock than me! And you can stop looking for the Cheerios. Serial is a podcast series from the creators of This American Life that debuted in October 2014. It is a true story told in parts and they kicked off the series with a doozie.

The gist: Adnan Syed was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend in Baltimore in 1999. A family friend contacted Sarah Koenig (a journalist) asking her to review the case 15 years later. Just look at all the facts, see if there seems to be anything out of place or fishy. And so she did. And they did a 12 episode series talking about just that.

You get sucked in right away – I mean, it’s real life. And it’s definitely not a clear-cut case. Each podcast is 30-60 minutes and you want to be able to pay attention. I listened (with my parents) on the drive to my brother’s house for Christmas and it was perfect for the down and back. One friend listened during her runs.

Just remember that there is not ending, really. It’s not all wrapped up with a nice bow. I don’t fully believe anyone’s story who was involved, but everyone should decide on their own. And everyone across the nation has very strong opinions. But I highly recommend it. Enjoy!


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  1. I haven’t started listening to this, but I totally am going to start!

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