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Whole 30 Week 1


Week one down!! And let me tell you, I feel great! Mostly it’s just mentally feeling great about what I am eating or, really, not eating. I haven’t really been tempted by anything.

I’m not going to lie, my Day 1 was ROUGH. But I was also going back to work after being off for 2 weeks, so the combination was not the best. I got a headache that only got worse throughout the day and I got in bed at 8pm. But it could only be better after that, right?! And it did! Obviously your body has to adjust. My energy was a little low starting my Whole30, but even after just a few days I could already tell it was getting back to normal, and I mostly noticed a difference during my workouts.

As I said initially, I was keeping it simple the first week. So I had the same thing for breakfast and lunch every weekday – which is what I normally do anyway. Other factors I had to consider: 1) I eat breakfast at work, so I needed something I could make or heat there and 2) our kitchen at work is tiny, so it’s best to quickly get your lunch together or else there’s literally a traffic jam in there. So I spent about 3-4 hours on Sunday prepping.

Every now and then I had a small handful of cashews if I got hungry in between meals, but I don’t really love raw nuts, so I haven’t found the best snack option yet. Typically I try to not snack, so this wasn’t something I considered from the start. I also had to sneak a couple Lara Bars in when I got desperate a couple days.

I’m really enjoying the Whole30 so far! I even made it through a partay Friday night and just sipped on a La Croix!

Weekday Breakfasts: Egg, sausage, spinach casserole + piece of fruit + black coffee. Technically the sausage is not Whole30 approved – there is a tinsy bit of sugar added. It’s just impossible to find. I won’t eat it every single day though. It was good – nothing special really but it was filling and tasty! Also really easy to heat up.


breakfast – week 1


Weekday Lunches: Salad w/ grilled chicken, zucchini, squash, brussel sprouts, avacado, blackberries & orange poppyseed dressing (yum). I grilled (on a grill pan) a bunch of chicken on Sunday seasoned with Penzeys Mural of Flavor, cut it up into pieces and portioned it out between 5 snack-size Ziploc bags. I steamed the veggies slightly – but you definitely don’t have to – and also portioned them into Ziploc bags. (If you have not discovered Ziploc Steam Bags – they will change you life.) The seasoning on the chicken paired perfectly with the dressing.

lunch - week 1

lunch – week 1


Dinner: baked salmon + sweet potatoes + broccoli. My kitchen was not back to normal until mid-week, so the first couple of days needed to be super simple. I baked salmon seasoned, again, with Mural of Flavor (seriously amazing on so many things), steamed some frozen broccoli, and steamed a cubed sweet potato! Nothing special, but it was good!

dinner nights 1 & 2

dinner nights 1 & 2

Dinner: beef & sweet potato chili. I cannot express how delicious this was. I’ve already posted it, so check it out!

Weekend Breakfast: sweet potato hash w/ egg + turkey bacon + fruit. Megoir’s look way more delicious than mine – I’ll have to perfect this.


Weekend Dinner: spiced butternut squash soup. I’ll post this recipe this week – so good, but not so easy. One night I had a side of sweet potato, one night a small piece of baked chicken.

I need to be better about lunch on the weekends, but I usually eat a later breakfast and am out and about in the middle of the day. So there was more Lara Bar cheating and small handfuls of cashews than planned.

4 thoughts on “Whole 30 Week 1

  1. Katy I’ve done 2 Whole30s and loved both of them! Want to do it again soon. If you haven’t checked out The Clothes Make the Girl or Nom Nom Paleo, I found fantastic recipes there. This was one of my favorite easy ones for dinner: You’d need a spiralizer, but it’s inexpensive and I still use mine when I’m not on Whole30 for zucchini noodles! For lunches (also breakfast), this slow cooker soup is delicious, and easy to eat at work: Best of luck!

  2. Two delicious snack options for you (I’m not the biggest fan of nuts either). If you can have things baked with a little oil, try plantain chips or zucchini chips. Best to have a mandolin to slice them thin enough, but not too thin. Good luck!

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