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The Interestings

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I’d read a number of nonfiction books, so I decided to pick a fiction book to read over the holidays. I never end up reading as much as I plan to during vacation and it was a long one, so I just finished.

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer was an interesting, fun read. It basically follows the lives of a group of friends who meet at summer camp during high school and continue their friendships throughout life. I feel like this is something that rarely happens – but I am lucky enough to have had a couple of friends since early childhood. So this one kind of hit home.

Although the friends were very different, ending up in very different places in life, they still were there for each other through everything. Of course they had disputes and times when things weren’t quite “the same,” but in the end they are still friends. I thought this book was a great testament to the importance of close friendships and maintaining those friendships even though they may change over time. Mainly because I completely agree. Like I said, it’s a long one, but enjoy!


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