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Whole 30 – Week 2

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So, things didn’t just simply get better as I hoped. Not to scare anyone, but this thing does take a lot of work. I got a little overwhelmed in week 2 with time (planning, shopping, prepping) as life has gotten a little crazy. And I’m still pretty tired, so I’ve been working to adjust my meals – I am sure it is user error. I’m still feeling great about eating better in general. I know it’s been good in this stressful week, I normally would have been chowing down on all kinds of sweets and junk.

I wanted to switch up breakfast and lunch in week 2 and not just do the same thing for all 30 days. And yes, that took more time. I’m still not loving breakfast – I definitely miss my greek yogurt – but we’ll see what week 3 brings! I’ve realized I’m I think I’m trying too hard – typically my meals are pretty simple, so I need to move in that direction for this – simplicity. The plan for week 3: making sure I’m using up food I have already (it’s easy to go crazy and buy new stuff when you have plenty) and using the crock pot. I have high hopes (and the 3-day weekend will surely help)! I’ll get this eventually – even if it takes me until Day 30!

Here’s the breakdown from week 2. Sorry, I’m not going to have time to post every recipe, so some are just linked to where I found them, but I’ll try to still post a couple of my favs each week!

Weekday Breakfasts: Egg muffins + strawberries + clementine + turkey bacon + 1/2 an avocado (added mid-week). These egg muffins were ok. I think I liked my Week 1 casserole more, though I’m still not sure it’s enough. The avocado was good to add to help me make all the way to lunch.



Weekday lunches: Turkey-zucchini poppers w/ salsa + carrot sticks + 1/2 an avocado.  I sometimes threw in a handful of cashews also. And one day I had the rest of my butternut squash soup (delicious to dip the poppers in). Still might need a little more substance so will revisit a plan for week 3. (sorry, work was a little nuts this week so I forgot to take a pic)

Dinner: Zoodles with cashew cream sauce + baked chicken breast. This was delicious but was a little time-consuming. Check out the full post for details!


Dinner: Pork tenderloin + roasted mashed cauliflower. This was good – again a little messy work and was not my best cooking. I roasted my cauliflower too long and I could not find Dijon mustard without white wine as in ingredient, so I just used yellow mustard. The taste was still great. The cauliflower tasted good but looks questionable. I might try a different way to do mashed cauliflower next time. Haven’t posted this recipe yet – I’ll get there eventually. Add a green veggie side to mix up the color a bit (see my leftover zoodles on this night)


Weekend breakfast: sweet potato hash + eggs + fruit + coffee


I also had my first successful dinner out! My mom’s birthday was this weekend, so we went to Bonefish Grill for dinner. This was pretty easy – grilled ahi tuna & steamed broccoli. The menu lied a little bit and said it came with a seasonal veggie (in additional to my chosen broccoli side) but it came with a risotto instead – definitely would have asked for double broccoli had I know that. So the meal wasn’t super filling but it was still a success – I didn’t even mind missing the bread!

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