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Les Misérables

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#20 from my 30 before 30 list is done: see 2 new plays/musicals! I try to find fun things for my mom and I to do together around town – painting, pottery, wine tasting, shows, etc. And her birthday needed to be extra special. We both LOVE the movie Les Misérables but I had never seen the stage production. And luckily the local professional theater, Aurora, was doing it on her birthday!

The story is such a huge production – so many settings, locations, time spanned – I was curious as to how it would come across on a stage, especially a smaller one. And let me tell you – I was completely blown away. Since it’s a professional theater, the talent was amazing. But it’s a small theater so it’s an intimate show. If you’re in Atlanta or east of the city, I highly recommend any show at the Aurora Theater – the couple of times I’ve been there have both been great. Les Mis is still one of my favorite shows, movies, and soundtracks and I’m so glad I got to see it with my mom!





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