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Ingrid Michaelson


I had not seen Ingrid Michaelson live in years but this past weekend she delighted just as I remember. She is amazingly talented and is hilarious – a rare combination. She has many newer songs, but this is still one of my favorites.

On a side note – and I will try to not go into a rant – I somehow find the gems to stand or sit near at concerts. I do not expect people to stand still and quiet at a concert, but I did pay to see/hear the artist, not the audience singing along at the top of their lungs to every. single. song. Even when the artist – for an encore, acapella song – asks the crowd to not clap, sing, or stomp.

And with that, enjoy the talented, funny – Ingrid Michaelson.

2 thoughts on “Ingrid Michaelson

  1. We too are afflicted with a confused annoyance in regards to crowd participation, whilst at times an anthemic sing along can be a riotous affair, at others it would be far nicer to hear the artist with the enchanting performance pedigree over the tone deaf, piss drunk idiot next to us.

    Glad you enjoyed the show regardless,

    Peace and Love, YACK!

    • Exactly! Some songs not only encourage but require a sing-along, but others most definitely do not. 🙂 Plus it takes away from the artist’s creative license they have when performing live – I don’t want them to sound exactly like the album, but then those annoying people ruin it by assuming what the artist will do.

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