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I am all about trying new things, especially when it comes to food, and especially if it is simple. I’m sure you’ve seen many different meal delivery programs – from the actual meal being delivered or the ingredients for you to cook yourself – but I’ve never tried one. My coworker, however, had tried and recommended Plated, and they have a great referral program, so I gave it a shot!

You pick the day you want it delivered, then it gives you 9 meal options to choose from. Each meal feeds 2 people and you pick 2 meals (or more). Or if you’re on your own, like me, you get 4 meals out of it! The description tells you what ingredients are included and what you should have yourself (simple things like olive oil, salt, pepper). And each meal is marked by difficulty, so you can keep it easy or challenge yourself!

And then it arrives!! In a cool insulated box with ice packs with everything you need!

it arrives!

it arrives!

all ingredients and detailed recipe cards with pictures

all ingredients and detailed recipe cards with pictures for 2 meals

Everything is even measured out (except for those basics). I thought the difficulty level was appropriate and both meals were delicious.

my first meal - every ingredient measured out

my first meal

meal #1 - meatloaf and broccoli

meal #1 – meatloaf with parmesan roasted broccoli


ingredients for meal #2

ingredients for meal #2

meal #2: vietnamese caramel fish with vermicelli and bok choy

meal #2: vietnamese caramel fish with vermicelli and bok choy

Interested?? Give it a try! Have questions? Ask away! Want a referral code (2 plates free)? Just let me know!

If you are doing Whole30, you may want to wait to try Plated. If you are doing paleo, it’s probably doable. If you have an allergy, it’s probably doable. You can select, in your food profile, certain ingredients to leave out! It will automatically enroll you in the subscription, but you don’t pay anything for that up front and it will remind you before your card is charged so you can unsubscribe and not be charged.

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  1. I got your referral code and will probably try it soon!! Yay!!

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