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Lucky Wreath

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Confession – I took the easy road on this last wreath. It’s pretty much the same as my Valentines wreath, but it was all there at once at the store. And it’s cute – so why complicate things? Some day I will attempt to make a more involved wreath that will be even more cute, but for now I just want the holidays covered. Getting close to them all for #19 on my list – just Easter left and I already have a wreath, so I’ll have to actually get creative. (side note: I realized I did make a Christmas wreath but never posted it and can’t find a picture…will have to investigate that one).

Simply wrap the foam wreath with ribbon – this time I used non-wired ribbon which was a little easier to wrap – and hot glue the ends to the back of the wreath. Then start gluing! I already had some green rafia ribbon so I used that as the hanger. Voile! I wonder what my neighbors think about all my wreaths….maybe I’m the crazy wreath lady…..:)

the stuff

the stuff

the wrap

the wrap




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