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I started listening to podcasts not too long ago, so I was behind on episodes from some. One podcast I subscribe to is Annie Downs – a speaker and author I have come to love. I just listened to one of her episodes from the beginning of the year when she talks about choosing a word for the year. This is something I had never heard of before but found very intriguing.

I realize we’re 3.5 months into 2015 already, but that leave 8.5 to go! So I’m going to do it. This word could be anything. Something that will help you change an attitude or outlook, something to remind yourself when you get in certain situations, something to just focus on for the rest of the year.

After thinking about it for a few days, I have decided that my word for the rest of the year will be JOY. I don’t think I am an overly negative person, but I am known to get overwhelmed and anxious sometimes about things. I think JOY can apply to so many things in life – something didn’t go your way. someone is mean to you. you feel lonely. The outcome of any situation is in how you react to that situation. Many situations and the feelings they produce can be overcome by JOY. Sure it sounds easy, and maybe for some people it is. I’m envious of you. But for the rest of the year, when I am sad, disappointed, lonely, mad, anxious, upset – I am going to do my darndest to choose JOY instead of feeding into those feelings.

Check out Annie’s podcast and challenge yourself to choose a word!



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