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Another delightful delivery service! Thanks to Meghan for trying Graze out first – healthy snacks delivered to your door! I got mine at work so I could share the love and since I try to not snack too much throughout the day. But sometimes you just get hungry!

I am not, however, overly impressed. Here’s the deal: use a friend’s referral code and get your first and fifth boxes free. So I used my friend’s code and signed up to get my first box. I think it was going to be 2-3 weeks before my first box arrived which seemed like a long time, but whatever! Then a technical glitch (whatever that means) prevented my first box from being delivered – I received an email notifying me of this issue but then had to wait another 2 weeks for my next box. Again, it’s nothing too important so I wasn’t that bothered. This week I received my first box ever but quickly realized that I was charged for it. What happened to my first free box?!? I immediately emailed the company. They replied that my first box – the free box – had been returned undeliverable by USPS and to check my account information. Well, DUH, the address obviously worked because I just got a box. And I was never notified that anything was undeliverable. Short story long – they credited my account. 🙂

I’m also not sure how the auto-deliver system works and can’t really tell on the website. Can I just skip the next delivery and not be charged? Or do I have to completely cancel my subscription? They do have unique snacks so it may be something I’d be interested in doing every now and then as a treat. Just not a regular subscription.

All that aside – how were the snacks?! They were good! The quick rundown:

  • Herby Bread Basketmini basil breadsticks, oregano rice crackers and garlic crostini. Great flavor – would be good to pair with a soup and/or salad lunch!
  • Caramel Appledried granny smith apples with caramel dipping sauce. These were good – nothing spectacular.
  • Beach Bum: dried pineapple, chewy banana coins and coconut flakes. Delicious – pretty much anything with coconut I’ll love.
  • Natural Vanilla Seedsvanilla sunflower seeds and vanilla pumpkin seeds. Surprisingly good – I don’t love eating seeds (mainly a texture/gets stuck in your teeth thing), but these had a great flavor

SO the bottom line? Try it out with a code for a free box: KATYM3N4P. Hopefully you won’t have delivery issues as I did and you get good snacks! Oh, and the packaging is adorable.


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