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I tried out Plated recently, so of course I had to try another recipe delivery to compare! Home Chef popped up on my facebook ads and had a good promo, so I went with it! Same shipping, same packaging, almost identical recipe cards.  Home Chef is cheaper per plate than Plated and the Home Chef meals seemed to be more filling (more meat options). For my first week I chose the Salvadoran Flat Iron Steak and Turkey and Goat Cheese Meatballs (over pesto spaghetti). They were both delicious, very filling, and the produce was fresh. The only downside was that there was not really 2 servings worth of cauliflower to go with the steak. Plated does have some more unique menu options, so that is a plus.

Both are lovely options if you are like me and like to cook but don’t love grocery planning or shopping. I’ll keep trying them as long as I have some credits or discount codes to use!

To try Home Chef with a $30 credit, use this link: and let me know what you think!



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