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Throwing in the Towel

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I have a confession. I consider myself a fairly decent cook and baker. But I cannot hard boil eggs to save my life. And I eat a lot of eggs. At the beginning of the year, doing the Whole 30, I started eating hard boiled eggs for breakfast every day because I needed the protein, and realized that it was a delicious breakfast. So since then – yes, about 7 months – I have boiled eggs every week for breakfast. It’s not like they have been inedible – they’ve been ok…most of the time. But 90% of the time they are overcooked or undercooked or half the egg comes off in with the shell. It’s embarrassing. So I have decided to throw in the towel. I still want eggs for breakfast, but I bought an electric egg cooker.

I know it sounds silly, but not only is it difficult for me to admit that I suck at cooking good eggs, it is difficult for me to throw in the towel. I took 7 months to throw in the towel…on cooking eggs. Maybe I’m a little stubborn or very determined or maybe I just didn’t know that egg cookers existed until a few days ago. Regardless, it’s never easy to throw in the towel and admit defeat.

How long does it take for you throw in the towel? Calling in reinforcements to help you build that piece of furniture. Finally looking at the map when you are lost. Asking God to take over so you can sleep at night. Moving on from a relationship that just isn’t the best. And what in your life needs the towel thrown in right now? Now that the great egg dilemma is solved, there may be some other things in my life that I need to just let go. Not all things are as easy to put together as they may seem. Not all food is easy to cook. Not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime. And not all things are meant to be handled on our own.

Throwing in the towel is not necessarily a bad thing – it’s accepting a change or a truth that you have probably already worked to make right, or just relinquishing control. It can be good, time-saving, and healthy, even though it may not be so obvious right away.


And by the way – the egg cooker is possibly the best kitchen item I have bought. If you eat a lot of boiled eggs, I highly recommend it (I bought the VonShef egg cooker). It takes some trial and error with water amount and time to get them exactly how you like them but once you figure that out, it’s a breeze! 

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